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Artificial Grass

Why Choose Us?

We are experts in artificial grass fitting and guarantee you will be pleased with the end result

You can arrange your free measurement and quote with us by calling 0899704853 or email

We will visit you at a time that suits to give you a free no obligation measurement and quote for artificial grass

Quotation within 48 hours and we will commence work within one month


"No more Lawnmower"


Maintenance Free

Vey easy to maintain and no more mowing the lawn. Lawns do not become muddy in wet conditions and do not dry out in hot conditions

Child Friendly

Soft, durable and quick drying. No more waiting for the grass to dry on those rainy Irish days

Pet Friendly

Ideal for the dog as it cannot be dug up and does not cause muddy paws. it's also much easier to clean up any messes than real grass

Environmentally Friendly

No more chemicals and herbicides to kill weeds, no watering required and there are no unfriendly substances in our grass

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